Jay-Jay Johanson

Birth name: Jäje Johanson
Born : 1969
Origin: Trollhättan, Sweden
Genre(s): Pop, trip-hop, electroclash, electronica
Occupation(s): Singer, songwriter, record producer, musician
Instrument(s): Vocals, Piano, Saxophone, Clarinet
Years active: 1996–present

Jäje Johanson is a Swedish musician and singer-songwriter, best known for his easily recognizable melancholic vocals and his androgynous looks. His music has been generally considered to integrate the trip-hop genre until he deliberately switched his sound to a more electroclash-oriented direction with the 2003 release Antenna, which featured one of his best known hits, "On the Radio".


- Whiskey (1997)
- Tattoo (1998)
- Poison
- La confusion des genres (Soundtrack 2000)
- Antenna (2002)
- Rush (2005)
- The Long Term Physical Effects Are Not Yet Known (2007)


- Poison/La Confusion des Genres (2000)
- Prologue: Best of the Early Years 1996-2002 (2004)

მაგარი კაცი ძალიან. ყველაზე თბილი, ტკბილი და მელოდიური ხმით. არაორდინარული ვინმეა. სურათებს რომ ნახავთ, მიხვდებით. ინფორმაცია პრინციპში არც ისე ბევრია ამ კაცზე.

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